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To Predict.

  An Announcement by Cowling. I've finally finished writing the book that I have being keeping to myself for many months now. Usually I like to try and build some hype by releasing snippets, covers, or other bits and pieces via my blog or on Goodreads, but I've done something a bit different for Zekel. I guess that you could say it was a bit of a surprise! Either way, it's done now, and publishing as we speak :) I hope you like it <3 Find it online here!
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To Breathe.

   An Announcement by Cowling. Gearpox has finally arrived on audible! Even if you've read the book, the audio version is brought to life and is worth a listen to enjoy the world in audio format. It's available at all good online retailers too, if you're not a huge fan of audible. Apple Books, Google Play, etc etc. Find it here!

To Seek.

 An Announcement by Luke Cowling. The audiobook version of Gearpox is finally here! We've wrapped up production recently, and the distributor is getting them to all our retailers now. It's even out pretty early with some retailers offering copies right now! Audible I believe will be later in this month, or even early September. Which I imagine is where the bulk of sales will come from, as it usually does. Still, if you're looking to listen to it early, you can find it a few places: Walmart Google Store Chirp Nook Binge Scribd Storytel Naturally when the audiobook is fully released with all retailers, I'll be posting links to those (including audible), which is hopefully before September starts! Until then, LPC.

To Yearn.

 A thought by Luke Cowling. Order of the Orange V gets closer and closer to being ready, by the day. Not that I get the chance to work on the manuscript every day, but I feel like the thoughts and ideas that become the manuscript get collected every day. It's hard not to. Sometimes it happens naturally, sometimes it is conscious. Nevertheless, we get more and more novel by the day.  I am up to a first revision of the book. It has not had any editing, and the framework is not entirely complete, but this is an exciting step nonetheless. I feel like I have reached the point where I allow myself to be excited for it's impeding release, which will hopefully be next year. In the meantime the book is available to add to your Goodreads lists now, to keep up to date on the progress, and release, for when that comes around!  Check out OTOV on Goodreads here!

To Fight.

 A Musing by Luke Cowling. Inexperience is often look at as a bad thing. But in truth, is it? Without experience, one has no bad habits to unlearn. You haven't engrossed yourself in the idioms of the activity, and are therefore not subject to the bias that comes from knowledge, and community.  Whether any of this is true, or whether I am just saying it is to make myself feel better, or more confident, well I have no idea. It might just be drivel from my brain in an attempt at self-justification. What's the point? Well, I'm glad you asked. As the science fiction novel comes together, it makes me realise how little I engross myself in the science fiction community. Sure, I ready plenty of SF novels, and have seen a show or too, but I'm not really too aware of the standings, the positions, the opinions, the habits, the do's and the don'ts.  This could be a bad thing, obviously, that means that what I write might not meet the expectations of the target audience. But

To Apply.

  An Announcement by Luke Cowling. So! The Gearpox audiobook has been given the greenlight. We have a narrator locked in - the lovely Ellie Gossage:  Click here to view her Audiobook profile/work/etc It's exciting to have some of the finer details lined up. We've been working together to get it all ready for recording and releasing, and I anticipate it to be ready in the not too distant future.  From what I have heard already, Ellie has done a great job of bringing the characters to life, and really bringing the Remnants of Magic series first entry into the universe as a whole, really well.  Naturally as soon as I have a release date, I'll be sharing it, but as the work on the audiobook version continues, I don't even know myself yet! Snags happen, and whilst progress is going great, I cannot predict the future. Hopefully soon! Either way, I am excited, and I think it will be the best way to experience the book, when it is done. Soon!

To Pine.

A Musing by Luke Cowling. Side projects are really a problem. It's altism, but in the form of an author, I believe. You commit to a project, and you start to bring it to life, but then an idea that doesn't fit within that project comes along, and you end up with a side-side project. The problem with side projects is that they quickly become main projects, and the problem with side-side projects, is that they quickly become main projects too. The problem with both of these things, is that the make main projects into formerly-main projects, and the result is that nothing really gets released. I think that's where I am at. I thought about wrapping up Remnants of Magic in three books, then it quickly became four. I wanted to start writing it after a break from writing after finishing the first book, but side projects happened. Now, side projects to those side projects have taken over. Eventually it'll all be finished, I just hope I'm not too old to reflect on them all i