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To Smoke.

A Review by Luke Cowling.

A little backstory on my interest in The Witcher series, I've played a game and I have seen the Netflix series and my opinion on the media that has resulted from that universe is really mixed. But I realise the interest in that universe just might have expanded greatly recently, so I wanted to throw my two cents in on a form of media relating to The Witcher that I received recently.

This is my review of the production of the graphic novel collection produces by dark horse and cd recently, and my thoughts on how the print came out, and whether the production warrants an intrusion from your wallet.

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To Memorize.

A Quote by Luke Cowling. 

I'd like to share with you a Mark Lawrence quote about fatherhood. Mark is an icon in both writing and fatherhood. Ironically enough though his works include some of the most heinous examples of fathers - Olidan is the specific example I have in mind. That guy was a cruel prick and a beautifully written character of whom I loved to read about.

But I digress, the point I'm getting at is that I really like Mark's work and this quote is just another example of the brilliance of the man.
"When you become a father, it changes you. You see the world in new ways. Those who are not changed were not properly men to begin with." - Mark Lawrence.
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To Engage.

A Following by Luke Cowling.

I have decided to move away from Bookbub as my platform for engaging readers and sharing thoughts, and whilst my motivations are numerous and quite strong, they aren't really relevant to you.
What is relevant however is platform that I have decided to move to, which is Goodreads. This blog and that Goodreads profile will be the best platform, moving forward, to engage with myself and the writing and reading community I interact with as a whole.
I'll be the first to admit my social media aptitude is pretty poor. But thankfully their website does most of the legwork for me. So if you're interested in getting reviews, opinions and general tidbits of works, feel free to engage with myself on Goodreads. I've also provided a link in this blog post to that profile, and you'll notice that the social media links on the home page of the blog have changed also.
Find Me Here. Enjoying Tolkien with Noah, sometime early 2019.
As always, thank you for t…

To Post.

An Indication by Luke Cowling.

Audible recently launched my book on their platform, across their many available country specific sites. Well, in truth the audiobook launched last month, by I've really been to busy to keep tabs on things as such with any sort of accuracy.

Take that as a good sign, as the bar has been raised by it's sequel to a ridiculous degree. But that isn't really relevant here, just a point of immodest pride I suppose.

I thought I'd take some time to share the links on where to find the Audible release of my first novel, on both my home country's website, and their international version.

Audible Australia. Everywhere Else.
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To Absorb.

An Insight and Celebration by Luke Cowling.

I've always thought of motivation as the lazy brother of discipline, and relying on it as a sure-fire way to avoid productivity. Though, the practice is much easier thought than willed, and like it or not, I too am a victim of the motivation curse.

I am not speaking on will to produce Gearpox, I love that project and how it is coming together so much, that is it's own motivation. I'm speaking on the production of the two Bestiary books so far. I know there will be more, as the universe expands in my newest works, and once I complete the anthology of critters I will be happy, but I must admit I am in a slump when it comes to producing another.

I only mention it as the success of the Notes series surprises me, and is clearly something people wanted from the universe I am building.

Notes II E-Book has cracked the top fifty fantasy short reads on Amazon. Top 50. Yeah that was cool.
I'll take some motivation from that, and hopeful…

To Point.

A Direction by Luke Cowling.

The process that took Owenoak from an idea, to an audiobook, felt like an extremely long one. Though now that the audio has released on most platforms, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I was not terribly proud of the first novel, the longer we moved away from its release date, but I can say that I am proud of the audiobook production.

Of course this pride comes in part to Sean's brilliant performance, but I have the feeling some novels are read better than they are written. Or is that too self indulgent? I don't know.

Either way I am excited that the piece is now released on iTunes, Google Play, and a number of other Audiobook retailers. The audible release is not too distant in the future either, and your patience for that platform is appreciated. I'll throw in some links on where to find the Owenoak Audiobook.

Listen to Owenoak Audiobook on iTunes here.
Listen to Owenoak Audiobook on Google Play Store here.
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To Trickle.

An Addition by Luke Cowling.

As the progress for my new novel 'Gearpox' comes along, I get inspired sometimes to share crude drawings from the universe that have helped me articulate their likeness in word form.

I have a few examples from the book to share today, and whilst they are by no-means done by an artists in any way, I feel like this a common method for helping writers make the transition from imagination to novel.

DM Cornish was a big inspiration for this, and Tolkien to a lesser extent, as far as my methods are concerned anyway. Although the practice has helped a lot, I doubt they'll ever reach print, as my mentor's have.

More soon,